Friday, July 9, 2010

To the Louvre in France for the provision of LED lighting

Toshiba has signed a  partnership agreement to advance lighting renovation project to the Louvre in France for financial support for renovation and LED lighting offer. To the Louvre museum is one of the world's most famous through the provision of LED lighting, lighting project aims to expand our brand awareness, we aim to expand further.

Lighting Louvre renovation project is part of efforts in environmental protection activities of the museum, the existing high-efficiency lighting to high environmental impact such as a xenon lamp to replace the LED lighting, which aims to reduce environmental impact It is.  This partnership, along with this effort we agree, followed the delicate light of the Louvre, and the Company to achieve significant energy saving achieved by the LED is appreciated that the lighting technology Louvre . Through this partnership, we have a mission to the Louvre will be handed down to protect important cultural heritage of mankind to provide LED lighting, people and the environment in harmony with culture "light" and contribute to.

Toshiba has been developing a new global lighting business since April last year. In Europe, France, Germany and Britain set up sales offices in France and the consumer starting from January, and sales of LED light bulb has been strengthening its activities.  Will continue through the commercialization of LED lighting, etc. The warmth and comfort they need people in the world, "Lighting" provides a global sales of the new lighting project in 2015 aiming at 35 billion worldwide Masu.

The contract is expected to run from June 30, 2010 to  December 31, 2023


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