Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Safety Tips To Handle Your Electronic Device


The introduction of electronic devices these days only indicates how advanced the world has gone technologically. Thanks to many companies out there who are busy manufacturing electronic devices for use in our homes ranging from phones to dongles. When the world market is always akin to receive news of a new electronic device launched on the market, their use and handling are the things that should cause more concern for the prospective customer. Here are a few things to look for when buying or using your much needed electronic device:

Child Safety

Observe rules regarding the safety of children in you home. Exercise great care when your children play with any devices. If proper caution is not taken against your children, risks such as choking and other disorders may be experienced due to detached parts from the device. Always ensure that electronic devices are kept out of your children’s reach.


Make sure you have read all documentation associated with your electronic device before using one. Strict caution should be taken if your electronic device causes danger or interference with other devices. Some devices are not allowed to be operated near Fuel Service Stations. Read instructions put in place by owners when you want to operate your device in public places.

Operating Environment

Most electronic devices do not operate well in dusty, damp and dirty places or where there is high presence of magnetic fields. Such conditions are not favourable for any operation of an electronic device and results in malfunction. Observe caution when operating during thunderstorms to prevent any risks associated with lightening.

Avoid use of certain electronic devices such as Cell phones in potentially explosive environment. Make sure you comply with all instructions as stipulated by owners to avoid unnecessary risks. It is normally advisable to turn off your gadget in such environment as any triggering of sparks could lead to uncontrollable explosion and deaths.

It should also be noted that some electronic gadgets can cause interference with electronic system of some vehicles. Under such circumstances, consult the manufacturers whether or nor it is normal to operate under such environment.

Places where use of some electronic devices may severely interfere or disrupt services include:

  • Fuel Service Stations
  • Aircraft
  • Chemical Plants
  • Health facilities

In order to avoid Radio Frequency exposure beyond allowable limit, use your device at the recommended minimum distance way from your body as stipulated in the documentation.

Also observe normal operating temperature for your device. Temperatures between –10°C and +45°C are good for most electronic devices. Check yours before operating!

Certification and Compliance

Make sure that you have read and understood the documentation attached to your device before making any purchase. See if it conforms with FCC Regulations as set in the guidelines. Check also if it is in compliance with essential requirements and other provisions of the EU Regulatory Conformance and Reduction of Hazardous Substances.


Extra caution should be taken when cleaning or performing maintenance of your electronic device. The first step towards safety is to disconnect your device from live circuit. Stop all applications if you were running any. Follow cleaning or maintenance procedures as directed in the Service Manual.

Do not drop, twist, throw your device unless this is allowed in the documentation. Clean piece of damp soft antistatic material is recommended for cleaning most electronic devices. Chemical detergents, chemical agents or powder are not recommended for this job.


Some devices are not supposed to be disposed of as normal garbage as such, devices should not be disposed of in unsorted public waste otherwise, hand over your device to authorized  or certified dealers for recycling or eventual disposal. Read carefully on how you can dispose of your device.


Check for any Warranty conditions provided by manufacturer. It is strongly not ideal to maintain or open your device before the given Warranty period expires. Read all conditions before doing anything on your own.

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