Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Get a Girl Like You - 3 Ultra Rare Ways Which Are Guaranteed to Work Every Time

Author: Rahul Talwar

There are several guys like you who have an image of the girl of their dreams firmly in their heads. You may spend days, months and years to find her and when the eyes spot her, you are tongue tied. You don't realize that you have the potential to make any girl like you. All you need is confidence, zeal and the right attitude. If you back your potential then you can get any girl to like you. If you are in a situation where you have found your kind of woman, then read on to know how to win her heart and make her like you.

The first and most important step is to get her to notice you. Till the time she does not take a note of you, all your actions will be in vain. If you see her pass daily, you can start with exchanging a smile. Once in a while do greet her with a cheerful "Hi", however, make sure you don't go over board with it. Making it obvious can be a bit annoying. You also need to make sure that you are dressed up well and carry yourself smartly so that the girl's eyes are prompted to take a look at you.

After you have exchanged smiles, hi, and hellos, it is time that you begin small conversations. If she has responded to you're hi and smiles, you should be confident enough in starting a conversation. Let it be a casual conversation and do not go into details of knowing her past and present. A little bit of conversation daily will help you know her better and give you a chance to get closer to her. If you are smart enough in making good conversations, then you are sure to impress her.

Once a rapport is built between the two of you and you sense she is bit comfortable with you, maybe then you can ask her out. Ask her to meet up at the coffee house or at a nearby restaurant. If she is the shy types she may reject or give some excuses. Do not pressurize her; in fact it is nice if she takes her own time to decide. However if you find her giving an excuse every time, then you need to move on and find the right girl.

Many a times a girl will not initiate a conversation with you, if she has not liked you. These three steps work out most of the time and you can surly make the women of your choice fall in love with you.

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