Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Benefits Of A GPS Logger

Author: Rubin Foster

Global positioning can give the whereabouts of an object, usually a car. This is known as a GPS Logger. It is used frequently in fleet management. The vehicle in question is fitted with a device that has been customized with computer software. It is through the software that the position of the vehicle can be pinpointed.

The information pertaining to the vehicle and its whereabouts can be seen over the internet or viewed through software. There are passive and active types of devices available. A passive device will be able to give the location and speed of the object. It can also tell if a door has been opened. Data is stored within the device, which needs software to view it.

An active GPS Logger will also be able to give the position of speed of a travelling car but will also use real time satellite technology to feed the information back to the user. Some of the latest technologies combine both active and passive qualities. The user can chose which method they would like to use based on the availability of a suitable satellite network.

These devices can either be supplied with own power or they can feed off the power generated by the car battery. The actual mechanism, the information server and the interface for the user make up the three parts of the complete system.

Companies can keep track of their assets through this kind of technology, and it is used especially by companies involved in fleet management. Maximum profit margins can be made based on a time scale and dutiful maintenance of a time roster. Employers and stock levels location can also be managed in this way.

GPS Logger technology has been incorporated by many transport systems around the world. In addition to providing safety they can control elements such as the display words on the destination sign and open and close doors at various stops. It makes sure that the schedule is stuck to and can make sure driver sticks to the speed limit.

A GPS Logger has been adopted by an increasing number of consumers as a security feature for cars. It is used as a preventative and recovery measure in the event of theft and vehicle hijacking. Some more advanced models can control the car remotely and can deactivate it if necessary. Some notify the owner if they suspect a problem, by sending a text or email warning. They enable police to follow the signal and track the items location very quickly.

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