Friday, October 15, 2010

Zomba: A Haven of Tourism

For an inquisitive mind taking a stroll down town in Zomba, easily distinguishes the delicacy that separates the old and the new. Zomba is rich in History but faces the danger of erasing the historical pride it treks on due to lack of renovations on historical structures. I must admit, it was love at first sight when I had just come out of my 4 X 4 to clip_image002breathe the fresh air that engulfs the town of Zomba.  For sure, my trip in this ‘Warm heart of Africa’ would have been incomplete if Zomba was not part of the priority places in my diary. I spent a night at Hotel Masongola.

Hotel Masongola, formerly known as Government Hostels digs its history to 1886 when its foundations were laid down the beautiful Zomba Mountain. Historical accounts available from people within the town indicate that the Hotel was used as a residence for colonialists before Malawi became independent. It protrudes beautifully amongst the tall green tress down Mountain as if to remind patrons of a forgotten historical entry of its existence.

The Hotel boasts of 50+ rooms designed not to run away from the imperial design as if to continue recording the historical adventures it has so far gone through. Thanks to the present authorities who have tried over the years to add value to the buildings without changing the historical face. Among the facilities available at the Hotel are: restaurant, bar, front office, kitchen, launderette, staff quarters, flats and conference rooms.

My stay at the Hotel was full of interesting things like sightseeing around town at the curios market, Old Parliament building, Zomba Mountain where lake Chilwa is another beauty that makes Malawi a dear to all tourists in this part of Africa. The tranquility and shining of the lake is a plus to the many resources that remain undiscovered in this small town of the southern province of Malawi but, compliments well with the beautiful green gardens within the hotel.

The climax of my stay was when I was served with the local dish of Chambo Fish. It was a mouth-watering moment that kept my mind recalling every bit of my stay in Zomba. Above all, I can’t forget the Warm hospitality from Malawians.

Languages spoken in the area include: English, Chichewa, Yao and Lomwe.

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