Friday, October 15, 2010

Cure for Corrupted Word Documents

Author: macsmith85

Microsoft Word is a famous Word processing software, widely used for various purposes like creating document, letters, reports, etc. The program creates a document with .doc or .docx format (depending upon the version of MS Word). But, sometimes you receive an error message on trying to open a Word document, which conveys that the document has gone corrupt. This results in inaccessibility of data and may cause severe loss to your work. However, the loss can be compensated completely by using a backup file. But, if the backup is not available or it fails to help, then you need to repair word file using a third-party file repair software.

Just imagine what would it be like spending all your precious time in creating and storing your personal information in a Word document, only to see an error message when attempting to open the document. No doubt the feeling would be awful, which might frustrate you as well. But, at this point of time, the need of the hour would be to be patient and look for the cause of the problem and a possible resolution for the same.

In simple words, the main cause is corruption of the Word document. This is the reason why you receive an error message while trying to open the document.

The document has gone corrupt and there is nothing much you can do about it. But, still you can at least workaround the problem using 'Open and Repair' feature to recover the contents from the corrupted document. If you get your data back, then the issue is resolved.

However, if the problem still persists, then the only way left to resolve the issue is to repair word file using a powerful word repair software. The software does this by employing scanning mechanisms. The repair software restores the repaired file at any user-specified or default location and does not overwrite the original content of the document. Also, as an additional feature, the software is equipped with interactive user interface, which enables you to use the utility with ease and without any prior technical knowledge.


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