Friday, September 10, 2010

MultiLink offers advanced data services across Haiti

MultiLink S.A.  has recently extended high-quality data services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) to a large number of subscribers across Haiti through Nokia Siemens Networks’ microwave radio network which has largely enhanced the Caribbean service provider’s network capacity and coverage.

“The Caribbean market is an exciting and growing market with different countries at different stages of the telecommunications evolution, but the one constant is the demand for superior data services,” said Michael Jakob, head of fixed networks business development, Caribbean, Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our solutions have expanded MultiLink’s network, supporting the growing demand for advanced data services in Haiti and helping to address low broadband penetration in the country.”

The contract is seen as a way in which Nokia Siemens Networks will deploy its market-leading microwave radio network to MultiLink, enabling the operator to roll out the transport network rapidly and address rising data traffic, while lowering operating costs. The move will also enable  the operator’s network to use its bandwidth more efficiently, ensuring an optimal end-user experience.

Nokia Siemens Networks has also supplied power infrastructure components for the operator’s network. The new, power efficient components have provided MultiLink’s network with extended and extremely reliable service during power outages. In addition to providing power protection and backup, the highly configurable power solution is also capable of meeting the operator’s future expansion needs.

MultiLink is a Haiti-based provider of internet services and business solutions which was incorporated in 1999. It is a client-oriented and technology-driven firm which was the first to offer non-satellite international connectivity to the general public in Haiti. The company also markets successfully a full range of data transmission and telecommunication solutions. MultiLink is one of the four Haitian companies which have the license and frequencies to operate a WiMAX network, a highly efficient wireless Internet access technology. More information about the company is available at:


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