Friday, September 10, 2010

Laptop Buyer's Guide - Points to Consider

By David J Miller

As more and more laptop manufacturing companies are mushrooming around, buying a laptop has become quite a task. There are very few differences in the features and prices of laptops. Only when you decide the purpose for which you need the laptop that you start exploring various models, else it will be a waste of time. Some laptops are suited for gaming, some for storing and editing photographs and some for entirely different needs.

There are some features you should consider. The first one among them is Upgradeability. There are some parts of the laptop which cannot be upgraded such as the screen, the processing
unit, video card and so on. The simple reason behind it is that they come with the machine. On the other hand there are parts which are upgradable such as main memory and the hard drive. In
some of the newer models parts such as Firewire ports, USB and USB 2.0 can be upgraded. Upgrading would definitely lead to decreased portability due to increase in weight.

The next important point to look for is portability. As that’s the basic reason why people require a laptop be it a businessman or a student, you need to carry your data along. Laptops are
available in the market with different speed, capacity, weight and size. Depending on your specific requirements, you can make a choice as to which one to buy.

A major factor which can limit or expand your range of choice is the price. Usually a laptop costs double the amount of a simple personal computer. If two desktop PCs will do the job and
are required to be installed at two different places, then you can probably drop the idea of buying a laptop altogether. You can establish a LAN to connect the two if required.

Generally, the more you pay the better the laptop you will get. However this is not always true. Do a quick search online and search for laptop deals. Everyday dozens of online retailers are putting up special offers to attract new customers. Make the most of these whenever you can. Of course, don't be fooled by a special offer alone – research exactly how much the laptop is worth otherwise and whether it has a specification which fulfills your needs.

There are also many brands out there and all have a unique selling point which may be what you are looking for. Some brands are aiming to offer functionality at cheaper prices, whilst others are giving you a laptop which has style, elegance and prestige attached to it. Two popular laptop models which are considered stylish and powerful are the Apple iMac and the Sony Vaio. However like for like these models will be more expensive than similar specifications from Acer or Compaq.

There other features you need to explore such as wireless LAN, hard drives, battery life and so on. It is better to choose specific stores in the market which have a good variety of laptops to show to you. You are sure to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

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