Friday, September 10, 2010

Controlling Shopping Urges and Avoiding Debt

Author: Nazima Golamaully

In this modern day and age where technology rules and being fashionable is cool, material things are often the basis for a person’s happiness and success in life. Sadly, not everybody is able to access such luxuries because of varying opportunities and inequality.

Money doesn’t grow on trees and people have to work hard in order to acquire it. When they get their money, they have to pay for utility bills, rent, necessities like food and water and if there’s any amount left, they could spend it on leisure.

However, a lot of people around the world are getting into debt because they fail to spend their money properly. Prioritizing shopping frenzies over paying your bills can lead to very dire consequences.

Even though it is generally known that people should settle bills concerning their “needs” over their “wants” first, a large number of people still give in to the temptation of purchasing unnecessary things that are not within their budget.

Perhaps the greatest tool that fans the flames of temptation is the credit card. It allows people to gain instant access to things they can’t afford and gives them the option to pay for the things they buy later. While it may sound like the best thing you’ve ever heard in your life, credit cards are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Some people cannot control their urges to buy things simply because they have increased spending power. If you don’t have cash on you, you can always use your credit card and pay for whatever it is you bought later. The problem is that if you don’t pay on time, interest rates go higher and higher and you have to pay more than you originally would have hoped for.

Since a lot of material things are becoming a part of people’s daily lives, people want to spend more in order to keep up with the times.

Over the last century, people have invented things like cars, television sets and other gadgetry and machinery which have since brought convenience and entertainment into people’s lives.

More recently, the introduction of portable mp3 players which allow its owners to listen to music on the go have also become part of the latest fads. Both desktop and laptop computers have also been integrated in contemporary human life because of their ability to let people access information around the world via the internet.

With all these great products out in the market, who wouldn’t be tempted to buy them one by one?

The best way to acquire these items is by saving up a portion of your monthly salary and waiting until you have enough money to get whatever it is that you want.

In conclusion, the moral lesson here is that you shouldn’t jeopardize your family’s financial security by abusing your credit card and going on a shopping spree if you can’t afford it. Keep your emotions in check and don’t give in to sudden impulses when you shop. Having the option to pay for something later is a privilege – don’t abuse it.

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