Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Internet Dating Tips

By W.P. Allen Allen

Looking for solid internet dating tips? Look no further!

You can meet women without leaving your house. You don't even need to change out of your bathrobe. You can leave your bunny slippers on and meet the girl of your dreams (just make sure you change your clothes before you actually, physically meet anyone).

So what's the best way to go about it? What can you do to greatly increase your chance of dating success? Below are 7 internet dating tips that you can use to help you meet someone special:

1. Join a good online dating site. While there are some great pay sites such as Match and eHarmony there are some great free sites also. The best may be PlentyOfFish. It's free and there
are millions of people that are members. There are some downsides such as quite a few ads all over the page but it's free so that's what you have to expect.

2. Create a FULL profile. That means you need to explain everything you can about yourself (such as what you like, what you do, etc.). Don't just put down that you like to watch movies and read books. Talk about what your favorite movies and books are and why. Talk about some slightly personal things that will endear a female to you. Expose a sensitive side (but not too sensitive!). Of all the internet dating tips this one may be the most important.

3. Use a GOOD picture! Don't put a shirtless picture of yourself for goodness sake (unless your'e a professional body builder and even then it's a bit much). Have a picture of yourself that's clear and has you smiling. You want to seem approachable and kind. This is VERY important.

4. Be patient. With online dating patience is key. And don't be afraid to get rejected—because you're going to get rejected. This happens to everyone. Even if Brad Pitt were online there would be women who would turn him down.

5. Number 5 of the 7 internet dating tips here is important to remember so read carefully! Before you send out emails to women you're interested in make sure to read their profile and craft your email message based on what you read. Don't just simply send the same email to all the ladies. Tailor the email so that it reflects her style. If she seems conservative then send a conservative type email. If she seems flirtatious then send a flirtatious email. Just make sure you read her profile carefully so you understand what she's all about.

6. Try and be unique with your messages. They don't have to be Hemnigway type prose but they should be somewhat engaging. Research online for some interesting quotes that go along with what she has on her profile. For instance, if she likes a specific movie then find a good quote from the movie and include it in your email. Talk about how you love that movie also and that your favorite quote was blah, blah, blah...  This can work like a charm.

7. Send as many emails as possible. Then move onto the next dating site and then send as many as you can at that site. Bottom line is that you want to send as many emails as you possibly can because the more you send out the more chance you'll have for success!

So try to follow these 7 internet dating tips and your chances of success should greatly improve. Just make sure to be yourself, be honest, and have a great time!

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