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Tips to perform photo recovery after memory card corruption

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Sample this: You went for a long overdue vacation with your family to New Zealand. You clicked various photos of the wonderful time spent with your family. You returned home after winding up the trip, with its memories preserved in the form of photos. One fine morning when you loaded the memory card in your digital camera to view photos, you received an unexpected error message. You reinserted the card in the camera, but it did not help either. You were in a grave problem as you did not even have a backup copy of the lost photos on your computer. Well, this situation can occur with anyone. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle the situation and perform Photo Recovery  using appropriate tools.

What is the root of the problem?

Since the camera reported an error message before rendering photos inaccessible, it is quite evident that there is an issue with the memory card. The memory card could have become corrupt due to an interruption in read/write process. The write process may get interrupted when you remove the memory card from a camera without switching it off. Another instance may include clicking photos when your camera is displaying a 'low battery' sign.

What should be done to tackle data loss?

Whenever you come across such a data loss situation, it is advised you should stop using the memory card immediately. This is because if you continue using a memory card, it might lead to overwriting of the deleted file's content. In such situations, it would become highly difficult for a  photo recovery software to recover lost photos.

How to select a recovery software?

You must contribute a good amount of time in doing proper research and finding a suitable yet reliable recovery software for photos. Ensure, you do not end up damaging the prospects of successful photo recovery by selecting a less competent software. While selecting a particular recovery application, you must check the following features and capabilities:

The tool should be read-only and risk-free
The tool should support all memory cards
The tool should recover all photo formats
The tools should be equipped with simple GUI

Among a slew of software available today, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the most comprehensive one. This Photo Recovery Software  enables you to recover lost or deleted photos from a range of storage media including memory cards, memory sticks, digital cameras, hard drives, USBs etc. Available for both Windows and Mac, this application supports recovery of all image formats (JPEG, RAW, TIFF, PNG etc).

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