Saturday, August 14, 2010

ArcGIS 10 Transforms the Way People Use GIS

ArcGIS 10 is now available from Esri. The product is aimed at transforming the way people use geographic information system (GIS) technology. The release enables users to be more productive with their work and will be able to take advantage of GIS everywhere such as individual local desktops, across desktops and browsers leveraging central servers, and in the cloud.

"ArcGIS is a complete system that enables you to solve your most challenging issues," said Damian Spangrud, ArcGIS product manager. "This release provides greater ease of use, more powerful analysis tools, additional Web GIS applications, and new mobile platforms. It also promotes collaboration via an online system for using, sharing, and organizing geographic content."

ArcGIS 10 has been designed to dramatically improve and simplify the user experience, streamline editing, and integrate productivity tools to support the workflows of GIS professionals. Through the use of this product from the GIS giants, map creation and production becomes much easier and provides best practice templates to help users get started quickly. Also convenient in the release is the way users can search by keywords or data types to find data and maps. They can also use the search function to quickly and easily find symbols to use in their maps and tools for analysis. The new release comes with it other powerful tools like Spatial Analysis, Improved Imagery Use and Management and more intuitive Sharing capabilities.

Cloud GIS is an exciting aspect of ArcGIS 10 in the way that users can leverage online maps and tools that are a built-in part of the ArcGIS experience, whether they are using ArcGIS Desktop, mobile devices (e.g., Smartphones), browsers, or applications developed using the ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs. This simply means that users can also find, share, organize, and use maps, apps, and other resources via the new site which is a Web-based gateway into the ArcGIS system. Additionally, the new ArcGIS software enables users to discover, share, and present geographic information using ArcGIS Explorer Online. ArcGIS Explorer is a new browser-based version of ArcGIS Explorer.

The statement further says ArcGIS Server can now be used on the Amazon cloud. Running ArcGIS Server on Amazon allows organizations to take advantage of multiple cloud services and features.

Moving with the cuurent trends in technology, Esri also provide ArcGIS Mobile which is easily customizable, ready-to-deploy application that allows users to extend mobile projects to tablet-based PCs. Esri is extending this concept to Apple’s iOS platform where customers will be able to access a mapping application directly from the Apple app store. Esri is also providing an ArcGIS for iOS API so organizations can build their own focused iPhone and iPad applications.

"By making ArcGIS 10 available as a download, Esri hopes to dramatically reduce the packaging waste that is associated with typical software releases," said Spangrud. "We are hoping that most of our customers will join us in this effort." Those who need to receive the software on media can still request it and expect to receive it in the next few weeks.

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