Friday, May 28, 2010

Living And Coping With Emetophobia

Author: Emmanuel

Emetophobia can definitely affect a person's way of life. While vomiting may seem to be a non-issue, it can propose to be a problem for the emetophobic patient because it changes the way he socialize, keep his friends, eat, and generally, live his life.Patients suffering from emetophobia may not be understood by their families and friends. As such, they tend to keep to themselves and be alone. Their condition may keep them from doing things that a normal person usually does. They rarely dine out, party, go on a date, or even have children.Emetophobia is actually a life-changing concern. It forces you to keep away from things that could induce you to vomit or see other people vomit. As such, you will be restricted from the many things that you could have been enjoying instead.However, patients need not suffer from the symptoms of the disease any more than they should. With the different treatment procedures available these days, uncovering the right cure for you is highly possible.But then again, cure is not achieved overnight. It takes time and the process may be tedious, sometimes even painful. It is very important for the patient to be surrounded with a group of people who care and understand. Emetophobia is a disease. And it brings about pains and strains on a person too.Emetophobia need not dictate your life. By addressing the problem head on, you will soon be free from its clutches and you will live normally again. With enough faith and conviction, you can be cured from this disease.
Is there a cure?

First of all, I've gone through a pretty bad case of emetophobia myself. I tried all of the treatment options available, which included hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, anti-emetic medications, and desensitization, over a course of 2 years. Nothing was working for me. I had to get rid of this debilitating fear, this fear of vomiting. It had gotten to the point that it was ruining my life!

The only that worked for me, after what has now been over 4 years of trying different forms of treatments in hopes of curing my emetophobia, was the Emetophobia Eraser program. My fear of vomiting was "erased" only one month into the program. The thing I liked most about the program was that it involved a completely natural approach to treating my Emetophobia, and it was very easy to follow - thank god, no more anti-emetics for me!
I have so far been completely cured of my emetophobia for about 17 months now, and couldn't be happier. I highly, highly recommend Emetophobia Eraser to anyone and everyone who is suffering from this debilitating fear.

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