Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Huawei Introduces E173 Modem with Telkomsel Flash and Opera desktop browser

Huawei Device Indonesia recently development of  the new Huawei E173 modem. The development comes as part of a continuation of its product development strategy, Smart Device, Simple World; and it is also seen as an innovative tool to provide a faster browsing experience for Internet users.
The modem is seen as a leading next-generation modem that supports 3G/HSDPA and HSUPA, Huawei E173 has a speed of 7.2 Mbps. It is equipped with standard USB interface (Type A) and Plug and Play (PnP). Another important feature of Huawei E173 is very easy to use and will work automatically when connected to a computer device.
Riadi Sugihtani, Marketing Director for Huawei Device Indonesia said: “Huawei E173 modem is the latest product in our product development strategy, Smart Device, Simple World. The launch of these products demonstrates our commitment to always provide the tools to suit the needs of consumers. We are confident that with the Huawei E173 we can serve the needs of the Indonesian people to browse the Internet more quickly.”
The modem comes with Opera Turbo, a data compression technology Opera Turbo which allows users to load webpages faster and more cheaply by reducing the size of webpages delivered to the computer.

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