Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Wiki.answers.com provides the definition of HTML as hyper-text markup language that is used  to create websites with. It is a form of language that enables the computer how to display your website. It is the most popular way of creating websites that many designers like to use and it is used for files that are posted on the internet for web browsers to view them.  HTML files can also be sent through electronic mail.

When using HTML, graphics and text have codes which eventually help the web browsers on how to display the files which includes layout and formatting. HTML files can be recognized by their extensions such as html or htm.

Essentially, HTML helps in creating structured documents by way of headings, lists, links, quotes, graphics and interactive forms. It is also useful in embedding images and objects onto pages

HTML files can be easily edited thereby enabling the designer to effect changes accordingly. These days, web pages can easily be designed by novices by simply employing software available on the market. This helps those who are particularly not conversant with HTML formats to design their pages hassle-free. Additionally, such software platforms assist designers to generate the required HTML codes for their websites.

Reference: Wiki.answers.com


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