Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Green Tips: How To Adjust Your Home To Be Energy Efficient

By Nicolas Couture

Because in today's society most people are for the health of our planet we have all heard stories and new terms like green house, constructeur de maison, green behavior, green home building. Hopefully you came here to learn more about it because we're just about to tell you everything you should know before contacting a home builder.

First you can make changes to your existing home to reduce your consumption of energy. If you need to know about green home renovation like novoclimat or renoclimat keep on reading!

Not everyone intends to build a new home with a contractor or home builder and those who don't can very well start by changing some of their home appliances for instance your shower head and sinks can be replaced for different ones that consume a lower flow of water. A great amount of water is wasted in North America (USA, Canada, Quebec and Montreal) and smarter home appliances will help you reduce their consumption. For example a new shower head can consume 3.78541178 liters of water per minute instead of an average of 13.2489412 liters that normal shower usually use.

Of course a green home must be built using green/recyclable materials. Most materials used in construction de maison is very polluting. When you build a green house your contracteur must confirm with you that he will be using recyclable/green materials that do not require long transportation. You must already know that the key to build a truly green house is to use materials bought from local places due to the fact that transportation of home building parts can cause a lot of pollution.

One can use CFL light bulbs to save energy in a new or existing house, it be a green house or a standard house built by a home builder and it will make you one of the environment aware people at the same time. LEDs can also be used to reduce your energy consumption by half. Energy Star compliant home appliances are a great choice because they conform to the Energy Star standards that have been put in place to save the consumption of energy in your home. You will find compliant televisions, computers, washing machines, microwaves, toaster and even more in most large home appliances stores.

On the same note cleaning clothes and regular home cleanup can  be put to the test using products advertised as being “green”. These are usually safer for your health as well as the environment's wellbeing. Some even make their own cleaning products at home and that is a real money saver. A combination of vinegar with baking soda that can be used as an efficient home cleaning product. But this is just an example, searching Google for “How To Make Green Cleaning Products” will give you more information on that subject.

I hope this information helped you and when in doubt, Google it, and I will be pleased to answer any of your questions by email!

Have a nice green ride!

About the Author: Nicolas Couture is the marketing director of http://www.contracteurmaison.com and writes about home building, ecology and new eco-friendly tendencies for Contracteur Maison in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Source: http://www.isnare.com


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