Monday, May 10, 2010

Become an Affiliate Marketer - Why it is the Perfect Choice For You

By Frank Demming

If you lost your job and need a new one, or maybe you hate your job and want out, becoming an affiliate marketer may be for you. You get to be in charge, create your own hours, get in touch with your inner graphic artist, and learn how to make money online. You probably will not get rich quickly, but you will have the potential to earn the money for a lifestyle you can be
proud of and have the time to enjoy it.

By now we are all sick of the get rich quick schemes, marketing plans that involve harassing our friends, families, and neighbors, and that dirty little word…our jobs. Or maybe having a job wasn’t so dirty, and you loved your job but the economy wiped it out and finding satisfying work to replace it has been impossible. No matter how you slice it, most of us are looking or work that pays more, gives us a larger sense of accomplishment or allows us to have more time off.

One option is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has three players, the company, a marketer (potentially you) and a website, blog, or other online medium that will allow you to post your advertisements on it. You take the risk by setting up and paying for a website, and creating content that will potentially attract traffic to your site. Your advertisements can be blocks of information in the margins of your site, can be banners on the top, or can be in text links with in the content of your site. Depending on your audience, one or more of these may entice someone to buy. That is when you earn your money.

Affiliate marketing is vastly underutilized. Most businesses do not use affiliate marketing in favor of more traditional advertising methods. This leaves a whole piece of the market open to companies that are forward thinking and those companies are willing to pay the person who helps promote their products for them. Depending on the company, the product, and your interests (not every product will appeal to your audience) affiliate marketers earn between a 10 up to 75% commissions on the products.

The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is the hours that you work. Most affiliates start off working several hours a day. This is to get the site set up and to start advertising that to gain an audience. Once you have the site set up and the audience checking in from time to time, then you can cut back on the hours and only work a couple of hours a day to create a new post or a few new links to attract people to click away. And just think, you may only work two hours a day, but your site doesn’t need sleep or family time, it works all the time.

That is exactly how to create an affiliate empire. Once you set up the sites, you simply sit back, monitor and tweak your sites for maximum results. This allows you an incredible lifestyle of freedom and abundance. Becoming an affiliate marketer is something that anyone looking for more family time, vacations, and live a life of total freedom, should look into.

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