Monday, April 12, 2010

What Type of Home Security System Should You Pick?

By Richard Armen

Today, there are many extremely effective home security systems on the market. How do you choose between them? There are whole-house security systems, as well as alarms designed to protect specific areas or entry points around the home. To select a good home security system, one needs to keep in mind the cost, features, design, and installation.

Costs vary widely among the available home security options. Some individual alarms are very inexpensive; many can be found for less than $20. On the other end of the spectrum, having a
whole-house alarm installed can cost you a thousand dollars or more. Are such systems any more effective at detecting security concerns? Not necessarily. Although they do cost more, you must
carefully consider whether there is any added benefit of choosing such a system.

Whole-house security systems may be the most comprehensive, but they are also the most complicated. Such systems must be installed by a technician, and they often require wiring throughout the home, making it difficult if not impossible to install such a system in your current home. On the other hand, a wireless security system makes use of modern wireless technologies to avoid the use of wires, making it much easier to install the alarms where you want them, rather than where it's feasible to run the wires.

Most door and window alarms, which work wirelessly, can be installed by anyone in minutes. They don't require much technical knowledge, and can be moved where they are needed, in contrast to the systems installed by technicians, which are there for the life of the home.

Some alarm systems will automatically send a signal to the local emergency responders. Although this can give you peace of mind, the truth is that a blaring home alarm of any type will be enough to make nearly all criminals turn and run. After all, they have no idea who will be coming to the sound of the alarm, and they definitely don't want to get caught in the act.

In addition to loud, beeping alarms, there are other home security systems that protect your home using other means. For example, security cameras offer a visual deterrent in addition to providing a record of activities on your property, criminal or otherwise. Alarms can be found for specific applications, such as protecting your swimming pool, or more general applications, such as detecting the opening of doors or windows.

Installing any security device will increase your peace of mind, but which one is best? What many people don't know is that there are many different types of security systems, providing many ways of protecting your home. The first step is to consider your priorities- do you want an expensive system? A comprehensive system? A system that is flexible, allowing you to add to it as your budget allows? Whole house alarms might seem like the best choice, because they are comprehensive and installed by a technician, but are they really? Individual alarms designed to protect certain areas of the home are a less expensive choice, and they offer you the flexibility to protect any area of the house and the convenience of installing the devices yourself.

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