Monday, April 12, 2010

Mozilla: Spread The Word With A Badge Campaign!

 In a bid to advance The Open Community Ideology, Mozilla launched a campaign through its users to help spread the Word out there with a badge! There are three badges you can choose from depending on your choice. The process is simple, just copy the code and paste it on your blog or website. You are done!
Here is how you can detect the plugins and help the community:

  • Use JavaScript to detect plugins

  • Warn people if they have outdated plugins!
How to Use a Badge on Your Site

  1. Choose from the sizes below from Mozilla website.

  2. Copy the code below the badge from Mozilla website.

  3. Paste it into your blog or other website.
The badges available are as shown below:
Badge 1.
Badge 2.
Badge 3.
Incase you are just wondering, what is a plugin? A plugin is a an important feature that helps to add energy to your videos, games or animations for them to play better.
Why Updating Plugins is necessary?
Outdated plugins can adversely affect performance of your web browser and waste plenty of your time sitting in front of a computer waiting for your browser to load. Outdated plugins can also increase the threat of malware, viruses and other security vulnerabilities.
Caution: disabling a Plugin means that you will no longer be able to do certain things. For example, if you disable Flash, you will not be able to watch videos on YouTube.
Update your Plugins on regular basis to stay safe.
Get your code at: and help protect your friends.
Mozilla ®, Firefox ®, Thunderbird ®, Logos used in this post are registered trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation.
Reference: Mozilla

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