Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wedding Table Decorations


Author: jam amfield

Often the first places to start from while planning a wedding are the wedding table decorations as one would always want to make a huge impression on the guests when they arrive for the wedding breakfast. Decorating a wedding table has its own key elements which combine together and make a beautiful wedding table. Some interesting table decoration ideas have been compiled in this article.

The most important element of a wedding table is its centrepiece. A centrepiece is an elaborate floral decoration which gives a regal and romantic touch to the atmosphere. To place the centrepiece, one often uses a high urn which allows the guests to communicate without any hassles. If the location is an outdoor, then one is advised to use low lying centrepieces keeping the “wind” factor in mind. One can always design the centrepieces according to their personality as many people opt for traditional designs such as candles, small vases or freshly potted flowers.  One can always personalize their centrepieces according to their fancies such as a hollowed pineapple surrounded by small candles.
The fabric of the table cover is also a key element of wedding table decorations. The colours often used in traditional weddings are white and ivory which provide a rather contrasting effect to the colourful flowers and other decorations. One can also place simple accessories on the table along with the table cloth in bold colours. The tables can be covered in different layers of clothes with various colours as well to give a colourful effect to the decorations. While adding different layers, one should always double tape the clothes together so that the layers don’t slide off each other. The colour combination should always be from the same family as too much of contrast disrupts the soft atmosphere of a  wedding .

Extra care should be taken to decorate the head table and the cake table as they are the ones which get photographed so many times. The borders of these tables can be easily decorated with draped fabrics, garlands and shiny twinkling lights. White twinkling lights do add a soft romantic touch to the  wedding

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