Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AVG Technologies Fortifies its Cybercrime Research Labs


Latest news from Amsterdam indicate that AVG Technologies, developers of world’s mostAVG popular free anti-virus software, have intensified efforts to fortify Virus Research Labs Team in  a bid to fight cybercrime. The move follows the naming of Yuval Ben-Itzhak as senior vice president of engineering and an addition of two more researchers focusing on worldwide cyber-security investigations.

Currently, AVG Technologies Virus Research Lab leverages its network of more than 110 million computers worldwide where AVG LinkScanner is installed to detect exploit trends in real-time. Additionally, the AVG Virus Research Lab constantly collaborates with law enforcement and industry leaders to detect and prevent online fraud, phishing schemes, identity theft and other related cybercrimes.

“The AVG Virus Research Lab is the cornerstone of our operations, working at the front lines to hunt down the bad guys and protect our customers from their malicious schemes,” said Roger Thompson, Chief Research Officer, AVG Technologies. “Consumers, small businesses and law enforcement all rely upon AVG for security trends insights and specific remedies to halt exploits.”

Cybersecurity issues are a major concern these days and we commend institutions like AVG Technologies for leaving no stone unturned in the fight against exploit trends worldwide. We appreciate the so many efforts from such companies which are geared at protecting users from any would-be fraud or malicious activity and for making the Internet a better place to be. For such efforts to be effective, there is need for all concerned parties and users to join hands and fight together from a common front.

Source: www.avg.com

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