Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mobile development made easier with Opera Mobile


Opera  has released Opera Mobile for Windows, Linux and Mac computers which is meant to make mobile Web testing even easier. Developers can now install a full version of Opera Mobile,image as well as the Opera Widgets Mobile Emulator, and test Web sites from the comfort of their desktop computers. You can download it from

Developers are further relieved of the time and money invested in multiple phones for testing by keeping Opera Mobile running on the desktop and will allow them to resize the application easily to emulate the wide variety of mobile screen sizes. The Opera Widgets Mobile Emulator similarly helps developers test their mobile widgets directly from their computers. Both these applications can be used in tandem with Opera Dragonfly, significantly lowering the barrier to mobile debugging.

“With more people accessing the Web from their phones, optimizing and tweaking Web content for display on phones is increasingly important. By making a version of Opera Mobile available for normal desktop computers, developers are now able to create mobile optimized Web sites and widgets quickly and efficiently, without investing in multiple testing devices,” said Andreas Bovens, Group Leader Developer Relations.


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