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Back Pain and Pregnancy - Helpful Advice


Author: Samantha Miller

Back pain and pregnancy go side by side and is considered normal. As there is a shift in the balance and weight during pregnancy, pressure on the back muscles and joints is greater.

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Ease Back Pain during Pregnancy - As back pain and pregnancy are always noted together, there are simple ways on how to ease back pain. Back pain during pregnancy is quite hard to avoid but can be tolerable as long as proper posture is maintained. Despite the weight which will draw a pregnant woman forward, the tendency of most will be to angle their bodies backward while others slouch. Pregnant women especially on their second and third trimesters must keep it a point to stand straight as much as they can. There are pregnancy belts that can help correct posture too and lift some of the weight off the back.

Sleeping on your side is found to be better than sleeping on your back during pregnancy. Instead of completely placing the weight on the back and straining the muscles, the baby’s weight is shifted on the side. Pregnancy pillows can also be purchased for added comfort and extra support.

Since your joints and ligaments particularly in the pelvic area will become loose during pregnancy, support on the back area will be decreased thus making back pain and pregnancy harder especially for women who are working during this period. It would be highly advised to have ample support at the back while sitting down by placing an extra pillow or avoiding lifting heavy objects. It is highly advised to reduce tension and weight off the back by bending the knees instead of bending the back when picking up things from the floor.

Light massages can also help like simple back rubs though as back pain and pregnancy may urge you to get a full body massage, it would be best to get clearance from your physician as there are points in the body that should be avoided as they may trigger premature contractions and other complications during pregnancy.

Never take any pain medications unless prescribed by your physician. Instead, to immediately ease back pain, apply a cold or hot compress on the affected area.

Best Practices during Pregnancy

There are safe exercises to aid back pain and pregnancy altogether. Pelvic tilts in particular are safe to do by carefully following instructions as set by your physician. Most pregnancy books will give you tips on how to conduct simple yet helpful exercises like this. High risk pregnancies would always need to have proper instructions from the physician prior to conducting any exercise or activity. Most high risk pregnancies will require women to a complete or full bed rest dependent on the condition. Resting for long periods of time though will also cause back pains. Most physicians will provide a detailed routine which will include positions or support when lying down.

Back pain and pregnancy can render some women helpless at certain periods and most may experience pains even after giving birth. As the baby shares all the nutrients the mother has in her body, it would be highly recommended to properly take all the prenatal vitamins prescribed by your physician. Common vitamins would be iron for the nerves and blood, multivitamins to combat general vitamin deficiencies and calcium which will make the bones stronger and help support additional weight during the pregnancy.

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