Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How To Avoid Losing Your Important Emails during Downtime

Emailing these days is by far the fastest and most convenient way of sending mail, documents, photos, videos etc. At a click of a button your information is uploaded on to server or sent to intended recipient. Despite this good idea, there seem to be several snags which can adversely affect or prevent you from accessing your important mails or documents sent from a friend or office. You will agree with me that sometimes accessing your emails online is just like climbing Mount Everest. Some service black-outs are hard to handle and this leaves the loyal subscribers banging their heads waiting for an immediate solution from their service providers. Do you know that in such a downtime you still have a chance to access some important emails saved on your email server if you took proper precautionary measures? Are you one of those who cry all day long failing to get their emails? Here is how you can avoid such situations from playing the tricks on you:
Create an Email Account from another service Provider. With so many email service providers these days, one can register with a Service Provider of their choice. It pays when downtime creeps hard on your servers.
In Gmail:

  • Login with your Gmail Id

  • Go to Settings Tab and click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  • Select ‘Forward a copy of incoming mail to: (please enter your second email address from a different provider).

  • Select ‘Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox’ from the drop down arrow on your right

  • Select ‘When messages are accessed with POP keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox’ from dropdown arrow on your right

  • Enable IMAP and configure accordingly

  • Click ‘Save Changes Tab’
Alternatively, you may configure Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird to download mail from your email providers to your desktop and can be read offline wherever and whenever you wish to.
You have successfully configured your Gmail account to forward any incoming mail to your second email. Even if there is a server downtime, you will still be able to access your saved mail from your second email provider.
Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail are registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and other countries. Thunderbird is a registered Trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.

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