Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 Signs That a Girl Likes You - This Will Give You the Power to Read Her Mind Instantly


Author: Rahul Talwar

If your heart misses a beat every time you see the girl of your dreams then maybe its time to see if the girl feels the same about you. You will need to observe the girl discreetly to interpret the signs that she might knowingly or unknowingly throw towards you. Here are 3 signs that could tell you if a girl likes you.

Sign 1 - She fidgets a lot. If the girl truly has her heart set out on you, she might start twirling her hair or pulling it away from her eyes to see you better. If she is shy, she might alternately look down and then into your eyes. She is sure to hang on to every word you say and even laugh at all your jokes no matter how poor they are.

Sign 2 - She might lean towards you. This is a classic sign that the girl genuinely likes you. She might try to speak softly and lean towards you while speaking. Or she might also try to come nearer to you when you speak to her. On the other hand if she leans away from you then simply pop in a mouth freshener or get the subtle message and move on in life.

Sign 3 - If she touches your arm. If the girl needs just about any excuse to laugh and hold your arm, then this too could be a sure sign that she is into you. You might also find that although in the early stages she might have moved her arm away, but, as she grows comfortable with you she will let her hands linger on your arms a wee bit longer.

The next time you talk to the girls you like, observe these 3 signs and find out if the girl too likes you. Of course, it would be wonderful if the girl told you right away that she liked you but then that would just kill the fun of flirting and finding it out in a romantic way.

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