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Health During Pregnancy - Things You Didn't Know!!


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You are so excited as you have just discovered you have a new life growing inside you!!  What a miracle, but also a big responsibility!  To find out what you can do to take the best care of your health during pregnancy, and that of your child, you head to the internet.

You read time and time again that it is absolutely essential for you to eat good, nutritious food.  You will read information on how you can not just eat anything just because you are pregnant.  You read that what you eat helps with the brain, bone and organ development of your child, as well as your own health during pregnancy, labour and recovery.

Perhaps this information was new to you, perhaps not.  It is all good, helpful information that helps you to lay down the foundation for your baby.

BUT . . . did you know this?

What you eat during your pregnancy will ALSO help your baby eat well after it is born and on solid foods.   As your pregnancy progresses, some of what you eat will cross the placenta and the taste will be in your baby's amniotic fluid.  Babies swallow this fluid and their taste buds are so developed that even in the womb they are able to taste the flavours.  Doctors believe that babies who are exposed to a wide variety of fruit and vegetables while in the uterus have less of a chance of being a fussy eater later in life.   They think that these are the babies who will eat their fruit and vegetables without putting up any fight.

Another thing is that doctors believe that moms who drink their milk throughout their pregnancy have an easier time weaning their babies from formula or breast milk to regular milk!  Who doesn't like that idea?   It is recommended that you drink at least one glass of milk, preferably fat free, a day.  A great thing about drinking milk is that it is also a good source of calcium which the babys bones and teeth need for development, even though the teeth do not come through for at least a few months.

So, how would you be?  It is what you eat while you are pregnant that may possibly tell how well it will eat fruit and vegetables!!  And, if I were you, I would do anything to ensure it is a good eater so as not to have to put up with the struggles later on to get it to eat well!!

So, a possible long term benefit to make you strive for your health during pregnancy!


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