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Mobile Telephony

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Depending on who you ask, the mobile telephone is either the greatest invention of the twentieth century or the most annoying. It is undeniable that the technology behind the mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions and that advances in technology keep making the cell phone more and more a must have device.

Mobile telephones have changed the world of communication. From the first call made in 1946 on one of only a handful of portable phones to any one of the millions, probably billions of calls made today, the mobile or cell phone has changed the course of communication forever.

Mobile Telephone Systems including three original American bands, VHF Low (35-44 MHz, 9 channels), VHF High (152-158 MHz, 11 channels) and UHF (454-460 MHz, 12 channels) . Although IMTS could be offered in one, two or three bands, was never offered in VHF Low as it was very prone to network congestion and interference, a problem that was solved by creating more space for fewer towers and increasing the number of cells in these towers. The obvious disadvantage is that more towers are needed to supplement coverage to the same area. Because of that, in some places the systems coexisted.

In particular, Nokia has been envisioning and working towards the idea of creating a mobile phone that is both a gadget and a tool where every form of communication, information and entertainment coexist. Perhaps you think that this is actually what everyone else has been doing, but Nokia thinks and most importantly acts, otherwise. Simply put, what Nokia executives see for the future of mobile telephony, is a world of ideas and capabilities currently handled by a personal computer stationed physically somewhere. Thinking outside the box, the Nokia manufacturers have envisioned a world where all of the current applications and functions one can perform using a PC are remotely executed through the use of a specially equipped mobile phone.

An electronic telecommunications device, the mobile phone or cellular phone, commonly referred to as the “cell,” has become one of those personal property items that can fit the criteria of being both a gadget and a tool. Offering its communicating services since the early to mid 1980s, the considerably larger version of the mobile phone was permanently installed in vehicles as car phones. As technological innovations made miniaturization possible, the majority now of mobile phones are easily controlled and operated single-handed. Moreover, the standard voice feature has been enhanced with additional services, like text messaging, camera capabilities, internet browsing and MMS features for sending and receiving photos and video.

The user can capture several interesting images on his handset, as it comes integrated with a 5 megapixel camera. The digital camera offers a pack of advanced features including Carl Zeiss optics and Tessar lens. The xenon flash, digital zoom, photo editor and photo gallery are some of the features that can be experienced, while capturing the images. The built-in second CIF camera can be used for recording video clips. The advanced video capabilities can be used for recording, playback, and streaming as well.

Information is easily accessible, these days, including finding out info about cell phone owners. In the past, it was easy to believe that there was no way to match a phone number with its owner. Times are different and there are many sites available on the internet that make it easy to trace mobile telephone numbers to their owners in no time at all.

The mobile number is all that is needed when you are using an online search tool. Location is not necessary when tracing a mobile phone number because the search tool handles all of the hard work. In a matter of 10 minutes or less you can complete a reverse search via the internet and obtain useful information about the owner of the number.

In less than 20 years the UK has undergone a complete communications revolution following the introduction of the mobile phone. During that time the number of mobile phones in circulation has grown from virtually nil to the situation where there are now more mobile phones in the UK than people. At the end of 2007 almost 70million mobile phones subscriptions were active in the UK, and almost every adult uses one.

However, it wasn't always so, as the first mobile phones were analogue-based, extremely bulky, had very short battery life and were extremely expensive. In addition, there were only two mobile phone operators from which to choose and communication to and from the hand-held devices was often very unreliable. Understandably, sales of mobile phone devices were initially very flat as they failed to ignite the public's interest.

The latest mobile phones are really burning rubber when it comes to driving users to crazy limits. Every now and then, after knowing the requirements of the users, newer and better equipped phones are making their way from the top houses manufacturers to the market. These high-end advanced phones are presented to the users in lucrative schemes. High-end phones are becoming popular day by day with their striking looks and advanced features. There are many brands in the market, therefore,it can be said that almost everyday a new mobile phone is launched with advanced features and technology. In comparison to previous model, the new handsets offer more evolved features.

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