Saturday, March 20, 2010

How Strong Is Your Password?

Maintaining security of personal or company information is the prerequisite for all members concerned. One of the best ways to prevent unauthorized access to such information involves use of passwords. A careful selection of characters involved determines how secure your personal or company’s information will be. We are not just talking about use of passwords but strong ones. Strong passwords also play a greater role in providing safe online business.
A strong password has not less than ten or more characters which include a combination of numbers, letters, symbols etc. Inclusion of different characters in your password helps to maintain a secure or strong password. It should be emphasized that a strong password is useless if you cannot remember it the next time you go online.
When creating a password, think of something that you can remember. For example, a password that uses your birthday or your name can easily be manipulated by someone else and gain access to your vital information. Think of a password like “PeterJ”, this can easily be deciphered by hackers. Think of something else that will make your password unique like “?3#Gjah6eDr+*&”, a password like this one will be difficult to be imagined by information stealers. Avoid use of words or any letters  such as: 333333, as this can easily be targeted and deciphered by cyber criminals. As already said, avoid use of your name, banking details, license, birthday or passport details.
If you want to check the strength of your password, Microsoft provides a way to do so by use of Secure Password Checker.
Use of strong password isn’t complete if it’s not securely kept. Write down your password and keep it away from people who can use it for other purposes. Always keep your password secret and do not allow some one to use it, not even your trusted friend.

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