Monday, November 30, 2009

WAYN- A Growing Travellers’ Social Network

The popularity of social networks is still growing tremendously by the end of each day. There are so many social network sites where one can join. One such growing site is  WAYN which is an acronym for ‘Where Are You Now’. This site was established in 2002 with the aim of trying to bring together travellers all over the world. True to their aim, WAYN has now grown its membership to millions. It is undisputable that WAYN is one of the world's fastest travel social networking sites where members can share their travel programs or track what their friends are doing based on their respective geographical positions. It is also a good site where you meet new friends from all corners of the earth, sharing  ideas and activities.
WAYN’s ability to allow members to share their various places of interest, photos and videos makes it more attractive to join as you get a picture of what is happening on the other corner of the earth from a single location. The advantages of  WAYN include:
-It is a convenient forum for members to share their trip plans.
-It provides an easy way of information on particular places so that you will be able to plan your trip.
-It is a meeting junction where you will be able to meet some of your old friends.
-It is a place where you can share your trips’ experiences
Membership is of course free. You will need to log on to WAYN. Your membership enables you to access all WAYN applications and registration requires that you posses a valid email address  for confirmation and other communication. When you register, remember to create your profile so that other people know who you are and where you are from.
As a member of WAYN, I have enjoyed reading what other people are doing across the world.

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