Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To Save Your Relationship When You Have Broken Up or Are On The Brink of Break Up?

Are you on the brink of a breakup, divorce or lovers rejection? Do you feel absolutely helpless with your relationship or situation? Or have you already broken up with your partner and are desperate to get him or her back? Well fortunately there is plenty of hope when it comes to amending a broken or soon to be broken relationship. Whether your relationship has faulted due to infidelity, loss of interest or worse, every relationship can be saved if approached in the right way.

Where most people go wrong when they experience a breakup is with how they deal with the situation in the early stages. What I mean by this is that people tend to go ?a little insane? when they first break up with their lover. Examples of typical reactions include text messaging or emailing constantly, professing your love for your ex, trying to convince your lover that you are the love of their life, apologising profusely for everything and promising that you will be a better person and that you can change. These somewhat insecure reactions are very common and understandable when a person experiences a breakup.

Instead of fighting the breakup decision and going against the grain in a desperate attempt to reignite your relationship, the key to salvation is to go with the decision as difficult as this might seem. Displaying insecure desperation will only breed further complications and communicate to your lover that you do not respect them and are only thinking of yourself.

Bearing all this in mind, the following technique mentioned is known as the opening move and is the initial step taken to save your relationship and repair a breakup. There are many different opening moves that you can adopt to increase your chances of getting back with you ex. One of the most effective ones if you have already broken up with your lover is to write them a short hand written letter that shows that you have come to terms with their decision and consequently agree with their decision and that you believe that it was for the best. For them to want you back you have to show them that you have let them go. This is mainly due to people naturally wanting what they cannot have.

For those that are expecting a breakup in the near future, try to respect your lover?s decision when it happens. For example, instead of fighting the decision of your lover, respect the decision and say something along the lines of, ?yes I agree I?ve seen this coming and the best thing for us is a break up?. If you would like to take it one step further, make the breakup out to be like a breath of fresh air, but be sure not to over exaggerate this. The key is to remain calm and cool in your reaction.

You will find that you will have a much better chance of reigniting your relationship with your ex if you are able to do this. Although this approach might seem quite unconventional to most, remember the central concept to this technique, whether we like it or not as human beings we are naturally attracted to what we cannot have.

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