Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Genuine Windows

Microsoft describes Genuine Windows as a copy of Windows that is licensed and published by Microsoft Corporation. There are however, many publishers out there who fake Windows copies so that you are fooled into thinking that it’s a genuine copy from Microsoft. Microsoft genuine copy has features that prove authenticity of the copy you are trying to buy. The features include:
·         Certificate of Authenticity (COA):
It is a security label that verifies the authenticity or legitimacy of the copy of Windows you are trying to purchase. It is meant to deter you from installing counterfeit copies on your computer. The COA sticker is found on the side of your computer and displays the Product Key of your Windows copy. This only shows that your copy of Windows is genuine. It is always necessary to read the Software Licence Terms provided by Microsoft before proceeding with the installation or using the software.
·         Updates:
With a genuine copy of Windows, you are eligible to receive updates and optional downloads from Microsoft any time you want to. Such updates and downloads includes security features which will help protect your computer. It is highly recommended that you turn on your Windows Automatic Updates feature in the control panel to allow it download and install important software for your PC.
·         24/7 Help:
The advantage of purchasing Genuine Windows is that you get 24/7 support from Microsoft. This also includes legitimate documentation to guide get the most from your PC, a thing which is not included in counterfeit software. This is a way of giving out that motherly care for purchasing a genuine copy of Windows.

·         Performance:
With genuine Windows, Microsoft can collect information on how your computer is performing. Microsoft always maintains strict privacy regarding this and the information collected is not sold anywhere else. This information is only meant to help Microsoft improve on certain features in their programs. It is up to the user to permit Microsoft to collect this information and it is also possible to view what information or report is being collected or sent.

·         Activation:
The activation process verifies the authenticity of Microsoft Windows copy. This also checks whether or not the copy of Windows has not been used beyond the Software Licence Terms so that there is a control in installing counterfeits. Installation of counterfeits not only brings about instability in the performance of your PC but also introduces it to a greater risk of viruses and other malicious software. The information collected during activation will not be used to contact you. After installation you have 30 days to activate it online or by telephone. If this 30-day period expires before you complete activation, Windows will stop working.

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