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Unique Gem Cutting Styles

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There are many different gem cutting styles that are common for showing
off the beauty and charm of precious stones but there are also other
styles that offer a truly unique look that stand out from the rest.

Learn about the different unique gem cutting styles that are quickly
becoming very popular in the world of precious gems.

Heart-Shaped Cut

A cute and beautiful shape for any precious stone, the heart-shaped cut
is one of the most popular unique designs around today. Most of the
heart shapes are very close to a round cut, which makes them sparkle
beautifully in the light.

Being the main symbol for love and devotion, the heart-shaped gems are
very popular for Valentine's Day and Anniversaries. When looking for a
heart-shaped cut, always look at the width to length ratio for stability
and brilliance since the 1 to 1 ratio is the one that holds more value.

Briolette Cut

A truly stunning gem cutting style for any precious stone, the briolette
cut is a pear-shaped cut with facets that encircle it up to the fine
tip. This is a truly antique style of cut that's found in many antique
pieces and yet still stunning for modern jewellery designs of today.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut is also known as the navette cut, which is shaped like
an elongated oval with pointed tips. This is a great choice for smaller
diamonds as a solitaire or to compliment it with smaller stones in
jewellery designs. The delicate touch of the stone offers a beautiful
refraction of light to any piece.

Concave Cut

A modern cut that has only been around for the last twenty years, the
concave cut is a wonderfully unique choice for showing off any precious
stone. The facets are cut in a way to create more dimensions in the
piece, which then reflects even more light for a brilliant shine.

Fancy Cut

Fancy cuts are fun and unique gem cutting shapes that take on the form
of flowers, stars and more. They are ideal for creating one-of-a-kind
pieces that no one else would have while also creating an artistic piece
in almost any theme imaginable.

Fantasy Cut

These are the types of gem cutting styles that are truly unlike any
other. Usually specially designed for individual customers, fantasy cuts
are formed and mounted into unique shapes and arrangements that no one
else would ever have. Any stone can be chosen for a fantasy cut though
it's recommended to ask the gem cutting professional for the best

Before choosing one from the many gem cutting styles available today,
always consider the size and colour of the precious stone. This will
help you determine which style will perfectly enhance the stone's
natural beauty for the jewellery piece. Ask professional gem cutters for
advice since they will be able to check the quality and inner structure
for a proper assessment.
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