Saturday, November 12, 2011

Data Relocation Means Various Things

By A Noton
Data relocation is a process, where files are reorganized in a certain way. However, this cannot only mean relocated data in order to secure it. The way of destroying data beyond the point of recovery also uses the same term. This article will look at both ways of data relocation. 

The simplest form of data transposition is used by every person many times. It means for example, that an individual moves an image from a personal computer onto a USB stick. Nonetheless, if the image is copied instead of simply moved, then this is a form of secured data as it is saved twice at different locations. 

Students can get very annoyed if they loose their homework that was store on their hard drive. The government would feel the same about tax payers lost information. Therefore it is worth for everyone to make at least one copy of important data on a simple disk or external hard drive. 

Businesses with many gigabytes of information will have to take more advanced security measures. They will want to secure their data, so that it withstands eventually occurring natural disasters or hacker attacks. Many companies are specialized in information security. Their job is to design servers that can meet the above described requirements. 

Similar to data security companies are data storage companies. They are paid to keep other businesses' files safe. They would use massive online servers for this purpose. Things like important historical documents are kept secure through hard copies. The reason for this is that these are complicated to be transferred onto electronic devices. 

The other form of information transposition is destroying data. Shredding companies are hired to demolish data in a professional manner. Paperwork or discs are first smashed and cut into smallest pieces. This is often not enough as modern technologies can recall information of broken computers. Therefore, the rest of the information is being burned or liquidated through chemical ways. The fear is that, new technologies will enable people to restore the eliminated data even after this process. 

Even though it is easy, many people have problems in every day's life with moving data from their old computer to the new one. One will have to reinstall programs on the new computer. This work cannot be saved.  Also, files from the other machine do not have to get lost. Using a disc or an USB for data movement is the easiest way to get those files onto the new machine. 

Those who love computer games can reinstall the particular game on the new computer. Then one should copy the "Save" folder from the old device. After that he can continue the game from the last saved state. 

This article was written to enlighten the meanings of data relocation. One of them is safeguarding data the other one is demolishing of it. These are controversy meanings but are strongly related in terms of technique. People should now understand how to simply overcome the problem of data movement and saved game files.

About the Author:
Tape Guard specializes in the secure and certified digital data storage as well as data destruction such as hard drives, tapes and other digital media.

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