Friday, January 28, 2011


Nokia announced today that it has signed agreements with China's two leading Internet service providers, SINA and Tencent. Both SINA and Tencent services will be seamlessly integrated with Nokia's Ovi Maps in China, inviting millions of people to share their location with friends and communities through Ovi Maps on their favorite social network.
Users of SINA microblog and Tencent's online community (QQ) will be able to share their location through Nokia mobile devices, check-in to locations and be able to upload location based content such as recommendations and comments of restaurants, shops and movie theatres. The first location based services for SINA and Tencent customers through Ovi Maps are planned to be available during the first quarter of 2011.
"This collaboration with SINA and Tencent marks a significant milestone, as we bring together mobile internet and location based services in China. More than 250 million people are using a Nokia device in China and with this partnership, we can help people share their location with their friends and communities through Ovi Maps on their favorite social network," said Phil Kemp, Vice President, Services, Nokia.
"With Nokia's Ovi Maps and Sina's location based services we will be able to offer SINA netizens new dimensions to their social networking. The mobile internet in China is growing rapidly and location based services will increase user generated content, making services more interactive and fun to use," said Wang Gaofei, Vice President of SINA. More information..

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