Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ways on How to Balance Your Mind, Body and Spirit

By Karissa C. Dupree
A complete well-being involves in balancing your mind, body and spirit. Well-being embraces all aspect in your life, not just your physical body. If your emotions and your thoughts are in turmoil your health will also be compromised. It is very essential to create a balance in your life by taking care of yourself as a whole which includes mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual.

A well balanced mind, body and spirit will help boosts your mood and your immune system which allows your body to heal itself. Always take a few moments everyday to unify yourself with your body because this will provide peace, harmony and happiness in all areas of your life

Here are some simple tips on how to balance your mind, body and spirit.
1. Try doing a yoga exercise. Yoga is based on ancient Hindu spiritual tradition. The main goal of yoga is to create consciousness of spiritual insight and tranquility. Doing a yoga will simply make you feel better. Yoga is a therapeutic technique that uses different kinds of postures, breathing exercises and meditation. It makes your mind, body and spirit healthier. Yoga will help you relax, in tune and shape up.
2. Massage therapy is one of the ancient form of therapy that promotes natural healing of the body. Massage will make your tensed and painful muscle to relax. It also helps your mind to wander off into a dream world which gives you a rejuvenating feeling. Check your local area for a reputable massage clinic to help your mind, body and spirit in line.
3. Keep your chakras open. Chakra is based on Indian traditional medicine. It refers to the force centers or vortex of energy from the point of physical body to the etheric body or life force. If you keep the seven chakras in your body open, the flow of energy will freely move to help and keep your mind, body and spirit balanced.
4. Meditation is also good in creating a balance between your mind, body and spirit. With meditation it reduces tension in your brain activities which will assists in creating happy thoughts. Study showed that people who meditates has the capability to shift their brain waves to fight against depression, stress, anxiety and fear. One good example of meditation therapy is yoga.
5. Sleeping is also important to have a total well-being. With enough sleep, your body will have the time to recuperate from a stressful day. A good sleep will help you recharge, relax and rejuvenate.
6. A balanced diet is very essential in keeping your body stay healthy. Eat foods that are fiber rich, packed with vitamins and minerals like vegetables and fruits. Drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep your body hydrated. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will allow your body to naturally heal itself.

7. Keep your things organized at home and in your office. Clutter can negatively affect your thoughts which will cause stress in your life.
These are the seven simple ways in keeping the balance of your mind, body and spirit for a total well-being. Have a happy life!

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