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5 Surefire Tips: Advice For Teens Dealing With Breakups

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Break ups will always be hard to bear. No matter the age, the length of time spent together or the reasons for the fall out, coping with a broken relationship is never easy. You feel a roller coaster of intense emotions. At some point, you feel pity for yourself but the next time you know it, you are raging with anger. The same thing is experienced by teenagers. Dumping someone or being dumped by someone whom you used to be with all the time can be very painful. Here are 5 advice for teens dealing with breakups.

1.    Cry it out. It’s okay to cry. In fact, crying after a break up can provide the biggest sense of relief. The first few weeks or months can be a roller coaster of emotions. You are bound to experience intense loneliness, intense hoping, intense anger, etc. It is typical to find yourself bursting into tears when you hear sad love songs on the radio. Some women even take a leave from work just to “feel” the grief and let everything out.
2.    Tell someone about the break up. She can be your close friend or your Mom. One of the healthiest ways to cope up with a breakup is by sharing your grief with someone. After you separate ways with your partner, it is normal to experience intense grief. Dealing with emotions can be made easier if you share this with someone who could affirm that your or his decision was the right thing to do.
3.    Find a diversion. The time after a breakup is your chance do the things that you used to do before you met your ex lover. It’s time to go back to painting and release all your emotions in these pieces of art. If you love to surf and the beach, take beach trips – even when you’re on your own. It’s also your chance to meet new people.
4.    Make yourself look good. Go to the salon, get a facial, get a manicure. When we look good, we feel good about ourselves as well. This will boost our confidence and make us better single individuals.
5.    Comfort yourself in the idea of finding a greater love in the future. So, your relationship ended – at first it would hurt like crazy. But think about the positive side – your chance to meet a better man and better love in the future.

You can read every advice for a broken heart found on the Web but the fact remains that only you can help yourself get over a heart break. If you do not have the will to move on, you will be stuck in the rut for a long time. Remember this set of advice for teens dealing with breakups.

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