Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Database - What is Management and Why is it Important?

Author: Richard Rabins

With the rapid increase in the number of companies and business facilities hunting for a broader client base, boosted business productivity and a wider market distribution, a developed user database becomes the fundamental factor on which any kind of industry is built. A basic database in a company would normally encompass the entire information about the business or the services that they offer, about the clients dealing, in addition to the details of the personnel working for the company. The database is not merely used for the storage of information, but it is also used for organizing them in order to make them more accessible, manageable, and eventually easily updated or altered. These advantages are obviously not granted by the manual storage systems.

Therefore, database management is regarded as one of the most significant technical tasks performed to maintain and control the functions of the database. The management system used in this procedure is a set of computer software programs developed to provide the desirable tools in registration and processing of the data in every database. The management of a database has one main single purpose, which is making sure that the retrieval of information is undertaken as efficiently as possible. In this context, efficiency indicates time saving, trouble shooting and data recovery. The record of data piled in a database is highly sensitive and no matter what was the size of the business, the executives would not tolerate the mishandling of such information.
Companies or facilities with delicate systems and critical data are advised to typically make sure that their database is provided with a solid and secure backup system. It is recommended that a hard copy of such information should be stored safely to avert the perils that hacking could cause to the company�s critical information.

In addition, the database manager assigned would always manipulate the users� access to the database, either exposing or altering the information, according to their position. The database manager has to be one of the most trusted people from the management team as he is the one who can provide the entry point to the whole database.

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