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Top 5 CV Tips

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A CV is a document that must be regarded as your personal brochure, it is your chance to highlight all of the skills that make you an ideal contender for the post. The tips underneath are what you need to think genuinely about in order for you to be represented in the best light.

1. Show your special qualities

For every job you apply for you could be up against hundreds of other candidates so you need to make sure you stand out.  Businesses do not purely buy skills, the want results, you therefore have to illustrate how you can make their firm money or enhance it in some way. An important thing to note is that if your CV is too fancy or distracting it will not usually make it past HR and you then have no chance of the manager even seeing it. This is mainly due to the fact that it is seen as unprofessional and cheesy. When you think about it, it is not imperative to an employer that you can create  snazzy CVs that merely look nice, all they are interested in is that you can deliver on your job. Do not allow yourself to come across as amateurish here.

2. Pick a professional template

The reader of your CV will only spend about 30 seconds on your CV, so if it is messy and ambiguous, they will not have the patience to read more.  There are many places on the internet where you can find free examples of templates to guide you, just remember that the conservative approach is always the safest bet.

3. Target your industry when writing your CV

Many people neglect to recognise just how valuable it is to target your CV to your chosen field. Not doing this at all is suicide to your interview prospects, and doing it badly can result in many missed opportunities. This might appear to be time consuming and pointless, but the effort you apply on tailoring your CV at this step will do you justice in the long term. This can greatly boost your probability of securing an interview.  The more targeted your CV is, the more likely you will end up being the perfect  candidate for the job. If you have taken the time to address the key qualities desired from the advertisement, you will undoubtedly impress.

4. Have no spelling or grammatical mistakes

It is misleadingly simple to make mistakes in your CV and unbelievably difficult to undo the damage once an employer has gotten hold of it. As well as checking your spelling and grammar, make sure your employment dates match up and that you've provided the right phone number and email address. To help you further get a friend or relative to read over it and point out mistakes that you may not have noticed yourself. It is always good to have a second judgment here as you may not be reading your CV in an objective enough way to really make it work for you.

5. Keep your CV up-to-date

When you begin to write your CV it can be very difficult to recall all of the skills that you have garnered in your roles. To avoid missing important pieces of information out, revisit your CV every month adding anything of importance, and cutting any information that is no longer required. Another good idea would be to brainstorm qualities and skills that you have obtained from new roles and training.If you have recently left a job or done some training try to think about what these things have taught you and what you brought to the experience. If you are able to approach your CV in a more open minded manner then it will surely remain up-to-date and relevant.

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