Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sony’s single wire interface technology for mobile devices

Sony Corporation has developed 'single wire interface technology', a hybrid transmission technology which facilitates both data and power transmissions through a single cable. The new technology enables the internal wiring of a mobile device to be streamlined through a single cable through which internal data transmission and power supply with a single cable will be achieved. This is aimed at reducing the number of cables used for video, audio, control or power transmissions as these were spread out over several number of cables. Additionally, Sony’s idea is to improve design flexibility, reliability and durability for mobile devices with movable mechanisms.

As the mobile technology stills booms and becomes increasingly more advanced, more wiring connections have been employed to cater for volumes of data being transmitted.

According to the Statement from Sony, the main points of development include:

  • Time division duplex and multiplex have enabled bi-directional transmission of multiple types of data over a single transmission cable. Sony developed a unique time division duplex and multiplex method that enable packets of data, including video (display, camera), audio, and control signals to be transmitted over a single cable. Furthermore, Sony has enabled the bi-directional transmission of different signals, such as display and camera signals, by incorporating a mechanism that retains individual synchronization.
  • Unique multi-level encoding technology has enabled higher transmission rates within the limited signal frequency bandwidth

The newly-developed hardware is composed of:

  • a digital portion that performs multi-level encoding,
  • An analog portion that transmits and receives signals
  • Another portion that combines signals with DC power or separates signals from DC power. A unique multi-level encoding that has no DC component enables both high speed transmission with limited frequency bandwidth and DC power supply on a single common cable.
    Through this technology, Sony has demonstrated that high transmission speeds (940Mbps) can be achieved

More information available at: www.sony.net


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