Monday, August 30, 2010

New AVG Research Shows Turkey and Russia as Most Risky Places to Surf the Net

AVG has recently released results of its own research which is called AVG Technologies’ first ever Global Threat Index. According to the results, it’s the Caucasus region where surfers are most likely to be hit by a malicious computer attack or virus. Web surfers in Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan all being the most likely to face threats while online.

The statement further indicates some of the world’s safest surfers can be found in Japan, while surprisingly, seven of the 10 safest countries in which to surf the Internet are in Africa such as a continent, South America ranks as the safest place to surf the Web and North America the riskiest. Globally your chances of being attacked while online on any given day are 1 in 73.

In order to come up with these results, AVG looked at the number of Internet attacks worldwide for the final week of July 2010, as well as the number of AVG installs per country. From this, AVG was able to work out on average the chances of web surfers being attacked. The AVG Global Threat Index is developed by AVG Threat Labs and measures data from AVG’s vast user network, spanning 100 million PCs in 144 countries. The data enables the AVG Threat Lab to look at the incidence of security threats that its software had to deal with during last week of July, 2010. From these figures, AVG Threat Labs was able to determine an average for attacks per user per country.



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