Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sharp Develops New Tuner Unit for Terrestrial Digital and Analog Broadcasting Sharp Corporation has developed and will introduce the new VA1N2WF2121 tuner unit for terrestrial digital and analog broadcasting, to be used in LCD TVs and digital video recorders. This unit features the industry’s thinnest profile (5 mm) and most compact size (4.44 cc) which has been described as Industry’s Thinnest Profile and Most Compact Size.

LCD TVs and digital video recorders typically incorporate multiple tuners to provide the functionality to receive multiple channels simultaneously. At the same time, consumers are seeking thinner, more stylish designs in these products.

Featured in this unit  is a new silicon tuner IC that integrates the components that make up the tuner circuitry in a monolithic semiconductor device. This enables the industry’s thinnest profile and most compact size. Additionally, a built-in digital signal processor and low-noise amplifier improves reception performance and contributes to an improved viewing experience in areas with poor signal quality. Another feature that users should smile about is the combining  compatibility with both digital and analog terrestrial broadcasts for all regions of the world into a single unit eliminates the need to design separate receiving circuits to accommodate each broadcast system, leading to greater efficiencies in design and production.


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