Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Antivirus Killer Particularly Malicious; Could Gluttonously Swallow Windows® Vista® and 7®


BitDefender®, an award-winning provider of innovative internet security solutions, recently logo_bitdefender issued a warning of Backdoor.MSIL.Bot.A which can run on any machine with the .NET framework installed. Presenting a series of threats designed to disable antivirus software and capture user data, this malicious piece of malware has the potential to attack all the systems running the most recent versions of Windows®, including Windows® Vista® and Windows 7®, because they have the .NET framework preinstalled.

According to BitDefender, the most interesting feature of Backdoor.MSIL.Bot.A, is that it will look for specific antivirus solutions installed on the target machine and try to kill their processes. This behavior is quite uncommon for a Trojan, as most don't attempt to kill antivirus routines. However, for those Trojans that do attack antivirus programs, this one is particularly ambitious, with a list of antivirus targets longer than some Trojans created only to interrupt antivirus programs.

Because .NET-based languages make it easy to accomplish several tasks with only a couple of lines of code, this type of attack holds the potential to trigger an increase in the number of malicious programs written in this manner and a higher efficiency and productivity in the future generations of malware writers.

BitDefender users are protected against this e-threat. More information on the unique properties of this Trojan is available on the Malware City blog: Backdoor.MSIL.Bot.A.

Source: http://news.bitdefender.com

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