Friday, June 4, 2010

Sony Develops a "Rollable" OTFT*1-driven OLED Display that can wrap around a Pencil

Sony Corporation recently developed a super-flexible 80 μm-thick 4.1-in 121 ppi OTFT-driven full color OLED display which can be wrapped around a thin cylinder. Sony developed OTFTs with an original organic semiconductor material (a PXX derivative) with eight times the current modulation of conventional OTFTs; achieved due to the development of integration technologies of OTFTs and OLEDs on an ultra-thin 20 μm thick flexible substrate (a flexible on-panel gate-driver circuit with OTFTs which is able to get rid of conventional rigid driver IC chips interfering roll-up of a display) and soft organic insulators for all the insulators in the integration circuit.

Sony will continue to improve the performance and reliability of its flexible organic displays because the application of these developments are expected to yield thin, light-weight, durable and mobile devices with enhanced form-factor.

Technology Features
  • High performance OTFT with originally developed high-mobility and highly-stable organic semiconductor materials, PXX derivatives
  • Integration of a flexible gate-driver circuit with OTFTs

  • Enhancement of flexibility with all organic insulators in the OTFT and

  • Achieved display capable of reproducing moving images while rolled-up around cylinder with 4mm radius

Specification of the OTFT
  • organic semiconductor: peri-Xanthenoxanthene(PXX) derivative
  • hole mobility: 0.4 cm2/Vs
  • current on/off ratio: 106
  • channel length: 5μm
  • threshold voltage: -5V
Specification of the rollable OTFT-driven OLED display
  • size of a panel : 4.1 inch wide
  • number of pixels: 432 x 240 x RGB pixels
  • size of a pixel: 210μm x 210μm
  • resolution: 121 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • number of colors: 16,777,216
  • peak luminance: >100 cd/m2
  • contrast ratio: >1000:1
  • minimum bending radius: 4 mm
  • driving scheme: 2T-1C voltage programming with OTFTs
  • thickness of a panel: 80μm


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