Friday, May 7, 2010

Toshiba Wins Major Order for Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Generators for China's CSG Power Generation Company

Toshiba Hydro Power (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (THPC), a Chinese consolidated subsidiary, has won a major contract to supply four 320MW pumped storage hydroelectric power plant systems to CSG Power Generation Company, a group company of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. The systems will be installed at Qingyuan Pumped Storage Power Station in Guangdong Province. The project includes the supply of pumped-turbines, generator-motors and associated equipment.  Installation will is scheduled to commence in January 2012, and the first unit is expected to be commissioned in October 2014.

Toshiba is the world's leading supplier of pumped storage hydroelectric equipment and prides itself with installation of generators at the Kannagawa power plant in Japan, which has a single machine capacity of 470MW. The advanced technology and reliability of the units offered by THPC were an important factor in the company winning the contract for Qingyuan, where the water head of the upper reservoir is over 500m high.

China is responding with a comprehensive power plant construction program, including plans for nuclear power generation due to a large increase in base load power demand. Hydro power generation is the world's most widely used renewable energy source. In respect of energy strategy and achieving an optimized energy generation mix, Toshiba recognizes hydro power generation as equal in importance to nuclear and thermal power, including geothermal energy.

THPC was established in 2005 by Toshiba, and measures taken by the company to support the Chinese hydro power business include construction of a new core components shop for generators and expansion of the machine shop, and construction of a Hydraulic Machine Research Laboratory.


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