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Shoe care tips

Author: Sadie Backhurst

We spend so much time on our feet, which means that if we don't wear comfortable shoes, we are making big trouble for them in the future. The best way to care for your feet is by caring for your shoes as well. Whether it be for fashion purposes, or for basic hygiene, care for your shoes is as important as caring for any other item in your wardrobe. If you are one of those people who loves shoes, chances are you have a considerable amount of cash invested in them. Here are a few tips to care for your investments and stretch the life of your footwear. These can be followed by men as well as women.

Assort them

Not all shoes suit every occasion, if your closet is full of shoes, you need to segregate and store them. Expensive shoes should be used rarely, hence store them separately, comfortable daily wear shoes will be used in a regular basis, and so on. There are some kind of shoes that are not meant for harsh weather or outdoor activities, use them sparingly. Wear them as and where they are meant to be worn, this way you will prolong the life of your shoes and take care of your feet as well.

Cleaning them

Prepare a solution of liquid detergent and water, keeping it diluted but not too weak. Immerse the shoes in the water and wash them thoroughly inside out. Don't forget to remove the buckles, laces etc and wash them separately. Never machine wash your footwear as this will seriously damage your shoes, hand wash is the best way to guarantee a gentle wash. Use a soft brush made of wire or suede with the cleaning solution to scrub every part the shoe, including liners and insoles. Repeat the same process for the other shoe.

Polishing them

Shoes need to be polished regularly, not just to give them an expensive shine, but also to give a protective coating to the shoe, that moisturizes the leather and defends it from bad weather. Before using your shoes in extreme climatic conditions such as rain, winter etc, it is a good idea to polish them. While purchasing polish, be sure to pick out the correct color.


Soles need maximum protection. Most of the soles are made out of leather or rubber. Unfortunately leather soles are not meant for harsh climates. If your soles are damaged you can purchase new ones, that are washable. To preserve your soles rub them gently with a wet rag, removing as much dirt and grit as possible, then wipe them dry. Replace the heel tips, leather soles and in socks regularly to prolong the life of your footwear and keep the shape intact.

Smelly shoes

The best way to avoid smelly shoes is to always wear socks along with them. Another way to prevent odor is to sprinkle with baking soda. Leave overnight, and shake them well before wearing again. The same can be done for laces if they are also smelly. Spraying shoes with disinfectants and deodorizers often will also help in taking care of the odor.


After washing, you need to dry the shoes. The best way to let them dry is on their own. Do not use the dryer, or even keep them near fireplaces, heater or even under direct sunlight. You can place a few paper towels under the shoes to absorb the moisture, and let them air dry.

Wearing shoes

Take your time in wearing your shoes, you will severely damage the shoes if you do not wear them properly. Half worn shoes will lose their shape easily.


Many shoes are sensitive to heat, sunlight and moisture. Storing them in a proper manner is mandatory, if you want them to last longer and look good. While storing, stuff them with newspapers to retain the shape of boots.


Do not wear the same shoes everyday, even though you want to. Give them some time to breathe, this will ensure a long life and give you some variety.

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