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The Power of Forgiveness by Bridget Engel

Author: Bridget

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the ultimate act of grace as it blesses everyone involved and releases you from suffering. You are ultimately saying, “I am willing to let go and release this situation,” allowing the energy to be transformed back into its natural state, which is love. The process of forgiving ends the cycle of suffering. Being in a state of forgiveness helps you see the world through your angelic eyes, and it helps cultivate a life filled with grace, compassion, energy, and joy. It releases negative toxins from your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies as well.

Why We do not Forgive
We do not forgive because at some level we have been hurt and feel justified in holding onto our pain. We still want to punish the other person, but the only person being punished is you, the one holding the situation captive in your mind and experiencing it over and over.

If you find yourself replaying conversations or situations in your mind then pay attention.

Are you in judgment? Judgment attaches us to situations and people like glue. When we judge we think we are right. This automatically makes the other person wrong, which in turn creates separation. True healing is knowing that only love is real and accepting at a spiritual level that we are all as one. Whatever harm we do to another we are ultimately doing to ourselves.

Have you thought "I don’t need to forgive because I have already done it once"? If you have had that thought, you may also have had subsequent thoughts that the negative feelings you were attempting to be rid of by forgiving should be gone. If you are unable to let go or the situation stays attached, ask yourself what is the payoff you are getting from not letting go? How is this situation serving you? Sometimes we like to remain in blame and excuses because it has become a habit; it stops us from fully having to take responsibility for our lives.  It is a diversion, a delay tactic, a smoke screen that is coming from fear of fully living and acting upon your life purpose. 

Being in a state of forgiveness does not mean that you allow people to do harmful things to you. It means living a responsible life with defined and spoken boundaries, speaking your truth with love and living your life from your values and principles. If you have expectations of others, then voice them and give the other person an opportunity to say yes or no to your expectations. Be ready to be clear and honest.

How Can We Forgive - Some Tools
•    Take some deep breaths and make a decision to be done with it; choose to let go. Ask the Angels to come and help you, in particular call upon Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Uriel.

•    Cultivate the tool of compassion. Ask Archangel Chamuel to help you open your heart  fully to love. Know that every person is doing their very best from their level of  consciousness. Remember that just like you this person has known suffering and is trying  to find happiness for themselves
•    Imagine you have floated hundreds of feet above the situation and can look down upon it with fresh eyes. What are other perspectives regarding the situation; gather as many as you can.

•    Light a white candle, take some deep breaths and write a letter from whatever age you were at the time of origin of your pain, allowing the pain to have a voice. Keep writing until you are finished and when you are ready to let go, call the Angels in to release all attachments and then burn the letter.
•    Know that for deep-seated issues you may have to keep repeating this process until you are complete. This does not mean rehashing the situation in your mind and reliving the pain, but focusing your attention on releasing and forgiving.

Sending you all much love, light, laughter, ease and joy.

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About the Author:

Bridget is a Certified Life Coach and Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. She is passionate about teaching people how to connect to the Angelic realm and is an engaging speaker who involves her audience. Her intuition is one of her strong suits, and she uses it as a tool to inspire and teach people. Part of her overall philosophy involves the creation of a strong belief in yourself and to accept how magnificent you truly are.

I live my life from inspiration, and my passions are animals, dancing, travel, creativity, spirituality and hiking.

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