Friday, May 7, 2010

Learn More About Domestic Violence

By Christine Crotts

Knowledge is power. Knowing about domestic violence and what leads to it can be a great help in avoiding such a situation taking hold of your life. Domestic violence comes in many forms but ends in the same way with the abused being beaten and battered and in some cases in death itself. When someone becomes violent he loses control of himself and his rage can be deadly. Therefore it is imperative that one learns to read the signs of a violent personality and take immediate steps to make sure that you do not become a victim.

In most cases of domestic violence the perpetrator is the man. He starts by controlling his partner first with emotional abuse such as ignoring her, or withdrawing from her which leads to
verbal abuse where he shouts about the cooking, the washing, the children or for no reason at all and the more she starts to fear him and do as he bids, the worse he becomes and starts to beat her up and bring her down on her knees until she has no say at all.

Right at the start it is up to the woman to know what her rights are. She should not allow the man to insult her or accept any disrespectful behavior from him. Be firm and do not let him manipulate you into thinking that you have done something wrong and therefore you deserve to be punished. Once the woman gives in, she will have no chance of salvaging her self respect or her
pride. Never give in to abuse; but at the same time do not get involved in an argument. The best thing to do is walk away leaving the abuser with no one to throw tantrums at or rage against. This will make him calm down and at the same time keep you safe from harm at least for some time. Before you walk away however, let him know that you will not tolerate this kind of behavior anymore.

If you are in a relationship that incites domestic violence. Don’t keep quiet. You must get help. If you do not like to go to the police, there are many organizations that help women who have been beaten and battered and who has no one to turn to. Go and stay with a trusted friend until you decide what can be done. You should never stay in such a relationship because of the children since violence at home does no good for them too. If you have been severely beaten go to the hospital and get yourself treated or if necessary admitted. If you feel that nothing is working, file charges or start divorce proceedings because anything is better than being killed inside your own house by the person whom you thought would love and care for you till the end of your life.

There are many women who are afraid of separation, wondering how they will manage, where they will live and who will bring the pay check home etc. Everything can be taken care of once
your life returns to normal. Remember, life is more important than any of those things and never become a victim of domestic violence knowing very well that there are enough and more avenues you can take to make your life better. Isn’t anything better than being emotionally abused, insulted, battered and bruised every inch of your body?

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