Friday, May 7, 2010

Get the Stress Out of Holidays

Author: Rudy Rogers

It's finally time for a vacation after a long year of work. But feeling so much pressure to enjoy your time off the work can make you stressed and at the edge of your nerves, so even the smallest mishap ruins your experience. Research has showed that people worry about accommodation, getting ill or not having enough fun.
The secret to fully enjoying your holiday lies in adopting a certain mentality and doing a little preparation. Some of the usual concerns are:

Things keep going wrong

As frustrating as mishaps can be, it's often the way you look at them that decides whether they're minor or major disruptions. If you decide you'd be happy with a break that meets more than half of your expectations, you'll enjoy yourself a lot more than if you demand perfection. Things never run smoothly, not even at home, is there any reason why should they do so here, thousands of miles away?

Delayed flight problem

Although it can be stressful, it is your view of the issue that determines the impact on you. Get things into perspective. Is the world falling apart? No. Are you stuck under a pile of work at the office? No. Remind yourself of where you are and what you're here to do -- to relax -- so do it.

Cannot unwind properly

For many people, fearing something will go wrong at work while they're away is the main culprit. You could have even more stress built up inside you, if you spent the last days before vacation working flat out to wrap things up at work. This has been called "preholiday tension". If you really want to get rid off all those stress hormones built inside you, try to stay active for the first couple of days of your vacation. So go swimming, running on the beach or try volleyball. And after that, what could be more relaxing than doing yoga by the sea?

You can't agree what to do

This problem and the arguments that follow can be completely prevented  by determining what you want out of the holiday before you leave.

How to make everyone happy

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity for families to spend quality time together, but when you're constantly trying to keep your children busy, it can all get a bit much. So, you should spend a little extra time together each day before you go away. Also, let them know you need some time to yourself occasionally. That way, there'll be less pressure when you're on holiday to make every second count.

Worried about falling ill / terrible accommodation

First, remember these concerns are just that – they haven't actually happened! And if you're prepared, you'll have far less to worry about. So take a regular multivitamin, and stock up on remedies for minor ailments, such as nausea and sore throat. And make sure your holiday insurance provides adequate medical cover.

If your accommodation does not suit you, first determine whether it is because you're asking for perfection. If not, contact your rep straight away. If you don't give them a chance to sort it out, you could reduce any compensation claim.

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