Thursday, May 27, 2010

Access the Web on the new screens

Opera will introduce web solutions for e-reader and tablets at Computex 2010. In the ongoing proliferation of new screens on devices and services to existing portfolios, the cross-device company has embarked on introduction of new web solutions for e-readers and tablets. From the 1st of June, 2010 through the 5th, the Company is scheduled to exhibit its latest full web-standards-based web solutions for connected devices during Computex 2010.

Competitiveness for better services offered to clients is still rising by each day that passes by, so too the need for better solutions-packed offers from developers like Opera. It is undisputable that 2010 has experienced the explosion in mobile Internet devices hence the need for distribution of content through different platforms and devices. The web can act as the platform of choice, allowing access to content, the app stores and a whole host of apps on e-readers across devices and operating systems. The web browser is the key technology for these mobile Internet device owners to explore and access the web.

“The Opera browser engine supports various cross-platforms required to enable a competitive e-reader and tablet solution,” said Rolf Assev, Chief Strategy Officer, Opera Software. “To be able to adapt to changes in technology and standards, OEMs that manufacture many different kinds of devices will be able to take advantage of the platform-independent, cross-device capabilities of the Opera browser engine.”

The web solutions for e-readers and tablets are powered by the Opera Devices SDK and Opera for tablets. Opera Devices SDK allows e-reader OEMs to develop custom browsers based on the latest Opera Presto rendering engine that powers Opera’s range of browsers. Browsers based on the Opera Devices SDK are market-proven, expandable and have also been already deployed on a wide range of products such as TVs, games consoles, media players, and more. Opera for tablets provides a touch-optimized tablet browser user interface and out-of-the-box productive quality on Android and Windows CE. It also has the web-application platform, such as the end-to-end widget solution, the W3C-compliant widgets, the application store and the developer community.


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