Saturday, April 17, 2010

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Tells You He Needs a Break

By H.L. Archer

When your boyfriend says he needs a break, the worst thing you can do is to start crying and begging him not to breakup with you. Although you may know this is not what you should be doing, you are stunned and act without thinking. This is just what you boyfriend was counting on because it puts him in control. Once he has control of your heart, you are his robot. He can make you do whatever he wants just by pushing your buttons. This is good for him, but it is the worst possible situation for you. You cannot allow this to happen or you will be at his mercy for
good. You cannot allow this to happen to you.

You have to turn things around in your favor and show him you are not his toy. To do this will be very hard, but you should put a smile on your face and agree with him. This will take a lot of strength and self control but if you can do it, you will be in control. You will catch him completely by surprise and he will not know what hit him. If you have made it this far, tell him you had been considering the same thing for quite awhile. This will turn the rejection around and before you break down and start to cry, wish him luck and get him out the door.

This would be the perfect situation to put your ex boyfriend in when he says he needs a break. Unfortunately, if he catches you by surprise, you may be too stunned to do it. But, even if you let him get control and you break down and beg him, you have not lost yet. You will have another chance to use the same tactic and it will work just as well.

What to do when your boyfriend needs a break is give him the break he needs. Have no contact with him at all. Go about you life as you normally would, but make sure you stay out of his sight. Go out with friends and have a good time, but stay away from any of his hangouts. You want to keep a good distance from him for a few weeks. Let him feel smug for a while and think
that you are sitting at home waiting for him to call. This will set him up for you to call him and really knock his socks off.

After no contact with him for a few weeks it will be time to tell him what you wish you had at the time he said he needed a break. Call him and tell him that after thinking things over you can see he is right. The breakup is the best for both of you. Wish him well and end the conversation. This will make his male hormones kick in because men cannot stand rejection. He will be challenged and be out to win back your love.

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